Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nothing Cold about Cold Connections

Cold Connections
This lovely bracelet is made from copper with sterling silver jump rings and clasp.  The method is called Cold Connection as there is no heat used to join any of the pieces.  There are several different techniques incorporated into this piece.  It starts with copper sheet metal which is cut into the desired shape than textured.  The embellishments are attached with rivets.  Once the piece is complete, it is antiqued to give it an antique look.  This is a very attractive piece that always get's a lot of attention.

Coral & Copper Bracelet

Pure Copper Bracelet
This bracelet is made with beautiful 14 mm Red Sponge Coral beads. 
 The focal bead is wrapped with coiled wire surrounded by beads
caged within the wire. I love the color red with copper.

Jewelry Junkies of the Fraser Valley

I started a meetup group called Jewelry Junkies of the Fraser Valley.  We've recently celebrated our 1st Anniversary in October and we've been having a lot of fun meeting new creative people. We have a $30 per year annual membership to contribute towards costs and meet every 3rd Sunday of each month.  We've had so much fun over the year.

I've been on a Viking Knit Roll lately

The Art of Viking Weave
I'm always fascinated at how you can take a piece of wire and turn it into something so beautiful.

Double Viking Weave Bracelets and Necklaces
There are many different wires that can be used to weave these beautiful bracelets.

If you are interested in buying any of the bracelets pictured below, the ones with a price are available.

Grouping of Viking Weave Bracelets
Individually Priced Below

Double Viking Weave Bracelet
Pure Copper Wire with two Rivoli Beads and a toggle

Double Viking Weave Bracelet
Titanium Para Wire with German Silver Core & Clasp.  Gun Metal Beads wrapped around the clasp.
Double Viking Weave Bracelet
Pure Copper Wire with Black Lampwork and Copper beads
Finished with a hand crafted Spiral Copper Clasp

Double Viking Weave Bracelet
Pure Copper Wire with Beautiful Blue Lampwork bead with
speckles of silver and Copper beads
Finished with a Hand Created Spiral Copper Clasp

Double Viking Weave Bracelet
I've blended Artistic Non-Tarnish Silver Wire with a Pure Copper Core & a Hand Twisted Clasp.
It is finished with a Beautiful Lampwork Bead speckled with silver and copper end caps.

Double Viking Weave Bracelet
There's just something so elegant withen Black is combined with Silver.
I've used 1/10 Silver Filled Wire for the weave and core.
Beautiful lampwork beads on either side.
Finished with Sterling Silver End Caps.