Friday, April 6, 2012

Enameling 101

I'm taking an online e-course with Barbara Lewis who wrote the book "Painting with Fire".
We've just finished our first week of the 3 week course and I've learned 
the immersion technique for torch firing a variety of beads and bead caps.  
Here are just a few samples of some of the beads I've done so far.
Black Enamel base with a roll in Twilight Blue

Copper Filigree Disc - this turned out beautiful with Robin's Egg Blue.
I used my Acetylene Torch

The bead cap is made from a penny and I love how rustic it looks.
Something Old, Something Blue

 Love the colors on these - Mapp Gas with Hot Head Torch.
Hoping I will be able to reproduce as enameling doesn't always come out how you expect it.
I used 3 different enamels on the end beads

Experiment gone wrong

Filigree beads - Need to use brighter colors to make a mixed color necklace