Wednesday, June 18, 2014


2014 CAR FREE DAY on Commercial Drive

My first outdoor show of the year and morning rain was in the forecast.  I thought nothing of it as my canopy has walls.  I'd never had my canopy in the rain so my fingers were crossed it didn't leak as water resistant and water proof are two different things.

I'm usually pretty organized and believe in LISTS so I don't leave anything to chance and the canopy is on top of the list.

While setting up, we realized we had no walls and remembered the walls came in their own carrying case.  Then we heard a big bang of thunder and it started to rain, and I mean POUR DOWN BUCKETS OF RAIN.  Everything had to be scooted onto one table and covered with a plastic table cloth (which I just happened to have tucked into one of the bags that morning).

After about an hour the rains let up, the streets filled again with the hustle and bustle of excitement and eager participation.  

The good news is the canopy only had a few small drips inside and there was no major damage, just wet table cloths, possibly a few ruined display trays (note to self, get plastic next time) and wonky earring cards.

T H A N K   Y O U !

Another successful show and I want to thank all the wonderful shoppers who stopped by my booth and supported my craft.

Seeing how much you enjoy my handmade jewelry and your support of my art inspires me to continue pursuing my creativity and passion for designing jewelry.

Dates and information for upcoming events is located HERE

Here are a few photos of the event,
before, during and after the rains.

Taking Cover

What would we do without our DH's help.

Time to go home and start creating again

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Car Free Day on Commercial Drive featuring Bocephus King & Buckman Coe

Don't miss it - June 14, 2014


I'll be in front of Vera's Burgers on Commercial Drive

keep your eyes open for "debVdesigns"

Here's a video I found on YouTube.

There''ll be lots of great entertainment, food and amazing vendors.

Should be a blast.

Lots of other great CAR FREE DAY videos
on YouTube